Malaysia has played an active role at the United Nations since becoming a Member State in September 1957. Malaysia remains committed to multilateralism and views the United Nations as the most constructive intergovernmental platform to advance our strong support and commitment towards furthering the aims and purposes of the Organisation.


Malaysia fully and consistently subscribes to the centrality of the United Nations, which has allowed the evolution of rules-based interaction among Member States, thus creating a stable international order. On this, Malaysia wishes to see a United Nations that is accountable and efficient in implementing the mandates entrusted to it by Member States. Malaysia believes that accountability and efficiency are two sides of the same coin, and that we, as Member States, are responsible for the Organisation’s activities.


Malaysia’s commitment to international peace and security induced it to put forth its candidature for the non-permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for the term 2015-2016.  On 16 October 2014, Malaysia was elected to the Security Council for the fourth time.  Malaysia has had the honour and privilege to serve on the UNSC on three previous occasions, i.e in 1965 (sharing the term with the then Czechoslovakia which served in 1964), 1989-1990 and 1999-2000.


Malaysia’s campaign for the UNSC membership was themed “Peace and Security through Moderation”. Malaysia hopes to be able to work with other Member States, in particular UNSC members, to continue addressing various issues that promote efforts in maintaining international peace and security, as well as finding lasting resolutions to conflicts through peaceful means.


For the year 2015, members of the UNSC were Angola, Chad, Chile, China, France, Jordan, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and Venezuela. For the year 2016, members of the UNSC were Angola, China, Egypt, France, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Senegal, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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